Photo: Apelöga

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden with a population of approximately 330,000. Malmö is part of the Greater Copenhagen – a metropolitan region centered around the Öresund strait with Malmö and Copenhagen on either side, connected by the Öresund Bridge. 4 million people live in the Öresund region. 

Malmö is a city small enough for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, yet big enough to boast a big city’s cultural life and attractions. Here you will find Scandinavia’s oldest Renaissance castle within walking distance from Santiago Calatrava’s twisted skyscraper, the Turning Torso.  

Malmö is the city of contrasts, where picturesque squares and cobbled streets give a timeless impression, while trendy shopping, relaxed residents and flourishing art and music scenes speak for a young and vibrant city full of curiosity. Malmö is also an event destination with famous events and artists. For two years in a row, Malmö has been awarded Sweden’s best sporting city.

Welcome to Malmö! Read more about the city on Malmö’s official website.


Malmö is part of Skåne, which is Sweden’s southernmost province. With an abundance of food, nature and cultural experiences, Skåne attracts visitors from all over the world and invites for both adventure and relaxation all year round. Despite being one of Sweden’s most densely populated areas, with 1.4 million inhabitants in 11,000 square kilometers, there is plenty of space to enjoy life and have a moment to yourself.

Historic castles, miles of sandy beaches, evergreen beech forests and the cities’ restaurant selection are never far away. Interested in nature? The hiking and cycling trails make their way across Skåne, passing through both farmland, forests and lakes. Explore the landscape up close on Skåneleden, or cycle on national cycle paths with endless must-see stops along the way. With 57 miles of coastline in three directions, a swim is never far away either not even in winter with the cold bath houses and their sauna tradition.

Photo: Felix Sundbäck

Skåne has a long history and was part of Denmark for a long time. This is often apparent in historical places, in the language and in the culture. Those interested in history can explore both remains from the Viking Age, well-preserved medieval churches and Renaissance-style villages. Enjoy a large number of castles, museums and open gardens. Are you more of a city person? Explore the restaurant life in Malmö or the cultural life in Helsingborg and Kristianstad. Or why not combine it all in Skåne, nothing is far away.

Read more about everything Skåne has to offer on Visit Skåne’s website.

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