On this page you will find answers to the most common questions regarding tickets for the WFC 2024. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please send an email to: info@wfc2024.se


  • Where do I buy tickets? 
    You buy tickets for the WFC 2024 on Ticketmaster.
  • Can I buy tickets directly at Malmö Arena/the Baltic hall? 
    No, there is no possibility to buy tickets directly at the arena.
  • Where should Swedish supporters buy tickets if they want to be together? 
    If you would like to be standing, cheering och shouting the standig area with Gula Väggen is the place to be. Tickets for that section will go on sale on the 25th of October 2023.
  • What about other nations? 
    Fans from Czech Repulblic, Finland and Switzerland can find tickets to their nation’s specific sections on the following links:
    Tickets WFC 2024 – Czechia
    Tickets WFC 2024 – Finland
    Tickets WFC 2024 – Switzerland
  • Where do I find information about hospitality tickets?
    Please visit our dedicated page Hospitality for more information about hospitality tickets.
  • What is the age limit for the youth tickets?
    Youth tickets are valid for people between 5-16 years of age when the event takes place.
  • Can I choose the seat myself when buying a ticket??
    If you buy an all-day ticket or an evening ticket, you can choose your seat. If you buy a final weekend package, you can NOT choose a seat, the system will do it for you within the selected category.
  • Are tickets bought for Malmö Arena also valid for the Baltic hall?
    Yes, subject to availability, you can use the ticket you bought for Malmö Arena to also see matches in the Baltic hall during the same day.


  • I am planning to come to the WFC with a small child. Does he/she need a ticket? 
    Children younger than 5 years do not need a ticket, but they have to sit on an adult’s lap. They don’t have their own seat unless a ticket is purchased for them.
  • Do young children have free entrance to the arena? 
    Yes, children younger than 5 years have free entrance.
  • Can I bring a stroller into the arena? 
    Yes, but for safety reasons and for making sure no escape routes are blocked, no strollers are allowed inside the bowl. You can place it in the foyer. Ask a member of staff when you are here.


  • I’m a wheelchair user. How can I buy my ticket? 
    You buy tickets for the WFC 2024 on Ticketmaster.
  • Are discounts available for persons with severe health disabilities requiring assistance? 
    Wheelchair users pay the normal ticket price. If they need assistance, their required accompanying person has free entrance. 


  • When will the arenas open? 
    Both venues will open 60 minutes before the first match of the day starts. 
  • Can I use cash in Malmö Arena/the Baltic hall? 
    No. Malmö Arena and the Baltic hall are both cash-free. Only card payment is accepted.
  • What is prohibited to bring to the arenas?
    • Malmö Arena adheres to the authority decision 1/11 regarding a total ban of bags at major public events, this applies to all types of bags regardless of size. This also includes plastic bags, clear and covered. Exceptions may be made for people who for medical reasons need to bring a smaller bag.
    • No food or drinks from outside the arena are allowed.
    • If we consider a person to be too intoxicated, he/she will not be allowed to enter the arenas.
    • No camera or recording devices and/or selfiesticks are allowed.
    • No pets of any kind are allowed.
    • It’s not allowed to bring scooters or bikes in to the arena, neither the batteries for them.


Do you have further questions about Malmö Arena? Have a look at Malmö Arena’s FAQ.