Together with the EU project GAMES (Green Approaches in Management for Enhancing Sport), the WFC 2024 and the Swedish Floorball Federation invite you to take part in webinars organised by GAMES. The focus is on sustainability matters within sports management and sustainable championships.

A major investment is being made for the WFC 2024 regarding sustainability, as we are working towards making the championships a Certified Sustainable Event. Among other things, this is happening through participation in the EU project GAMES.

The first webinar was held at the beginning of November, and now it’s time for the next one Carbon and Environmental footprint calculations in sport events. A total of six webinars will be held and you can join them all or on individual occasions.

During the webinar on the 21st of November, you can see and hear when Camilla Facheris, LCA Expert at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, and Kai Landwehr, Director of Corporate Marketing at myclimate, discuss and talk about the environmental footprint that sports events generate.

You can register for the webinar here.

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